ArcaniA - Gothic 4

ArcaniA - Gothic 4

Nordic Games

Genre: Games / RPGs
Players: Single-player
Version: 1.10
Download Size: 7.66 GB
Protection: SecuROM Online Activation
Territory: North America (US and Canada)


Alcohol Reference
Use of Tobacco

War covers the southern islands until it finally reaches the idyllic isle of Feshyr. You take on the role as the new nameless hero after your village has been pillaged and destroyed by paladins of the king. Seeking revenge, you soon realize that this cowardly attack did not just happen on a reckless mercenary's whim. A mysterious evil power lies in waiting and fortunately you're not alone to unravel the ancient secrets: your fate is linked to a beautiful lady wearing a powerful artifact from the long-forgotten past...


  • Combat System: An intuitive system that offers a gradual learning curve, special moves, and three different basic attack types.
  • Storyline: A deep, strong story embedded in the successful Gothic universe franchise accompanied by highly diversified side quests. And most can be solved in different ways.
  • Accessibiity: The amenable story, an intuitive interface and controls, lock-on targets, and a sophisticated hint system.
  • Continuous Action: Pace is kept up along the main plot through regular surprises, cliffhangers, and vigorous cutscenes.
  • Hero Development: Gain experience points and level up to upgrade your attributes, skills, and crafting abilities.
  • A Completely Open World: Enjoy the complete freedom & the almost unlimited options known from the Gothic series.

System Requirements


  • Windows® XP / Vista / 7
  • 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor / AMD Athlon II x2
  • 2 GB Available System Memory
  • 256 MB 3D Video Card (GeForce 8800 GTX / GeForce 8800 GT / GeForce 9600)
  • 11 GB Available Hard Disk Space
  • DirectX® 8.1 Compatible Sound Card
  • DirectX® 9.0c


  • Intel Quad Core / AMD Phenom X4
  • 4 GB Available System Memory
  • 512 MB 3D Video Card (GeForce GTX 250 / GeForce GTX 260 / GeForce GTX 280)

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