Space Rangers

Space Rangers

Genre: Games / Adventure
Players: Single-Player
Version: 1.72
Territory: Worldwide



By the year 3000, Humans share the galaxy with several other sentient races in the form of a Galactic Commonwealth. While each race's views and philosophies differ, the galaxy is largely at peace and trade between worlds flourishes. Economics and political competition replace open warfare in the Galactic Commonwealth ... for a time.

On the outskirts of the galaxy, a new race suddenly appears. They become known as the Klissans, and with their massive fleet of ships they storm the worlds of the Commonwealth without mercy or negotiation. To deal with the threat, the Galactic Council is assembled and a decision is made to create an all volunteer force of Rangers to combat the Klissans. The Rangers are given complete freedom to act in any way they choose and come from every race in the Commonwealth with the singular mission to eliminate the Klissan threat.


  • Unique combination of space sim, adventure, and action genres.
  • Hundreds of AI ships to interact with.
  • Five different races to choose from.
  • Open-ended gameplay, interact with the story or strike out on your own!
  • Six upgradable pilot skills.
  • Vast amount of equipment types and artifacts lets you customize your ship in myriad ways.
  • And much more!

System Requirements


  • Windows XP / Vista
  • 233 MHz Processor
  • 64 MB Available System Memory
  • 700 MB Hard Disk Space
  • 16-Bit Video Card (800x600)
  • DirectX 7 or Later


  • 1.4 GHz Processor
  • 256 MB Available System Memory
  • 16-Bit Video Card (1024x768)

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